There are many reasons for bankruptcy - internal problems, external difficulties, ignorance and negligence. The consequences are always the same. Bankruptcy is an extreme move that a business tries to avoid.

We assess the situation responsibly and even before the company becomes insolvent, we monitor its financial condition and try to restore trust. We are restructuring. We are talking to creditors. We provide all the necessary information and ensure process control.

In case of company bankruptcy, we strive for the smoothest possible process. So that payments are made on time, and the fact of bankruptcy does not become a judgment.


Debt prevention helps to avoid the negative consequences of borrowing. We assess the company's situation. We help you find funding sources. We conclude equivalent contracts with creditors. In the case of debt collection, we try to find a solution favorable to both parties.

Facilities. Salaries of employees. Rent of premises. A business that provides goods or services faces costs. To cover them, he is forced to borrow. Debt will not become a challenge if the risk factor is properly assessed.

Let's start with a consultation. Each case is individual, so we are waiting for your call or letter.


Even for the most vigilant manager, it is difficult to control all company processes. Therefore, a successful business relies on professionals who know their field. In this way, the business creates value, and the manager can devote his time to its development. Accounting is a strategically important part of the company's activities. Institutions do not need proper accounting. You need it. To anticipate possible moves. So that decision-making is justified. For the business to grow. We face challenges every day. We are improving. We are learning. We gain new knowledge. We are ready to apply them when managing your accounting.


A properly chosen business form allows you to develop your idea and carry out activities efficiently. You know what your business needs are.

We know what form of activity is most suitable for them.

Together we will find a solution that will allow your business to move forward. We invite you to consult and entrust our team with company establishment procedures.