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UAB Konta LT implementation of a commercial model by digitizing service sales transactions

UAB “Konta LT” specializes in bookkeeping, bankruptcy administration, company restructuring, debt prevention and company establishment. In order not only to survive, but also to expand in the market, there is a need to digitize sales transactions by implementing customer self-service solutions. In order to increase the company’s productivity and profitability, the company implements the project “UAB Konta LT implementation of a commercial model by digitizing service sales transactions”. During the implementation of the project, the company will digitalize its service sales process – it will create and implement customer self-service solutions with the integration of the resource management system. In addition to sales automation, e- self-service will create conditions for remote work and secure service provision.

The project is implemented according to the measure “Business model for COVID-19”. Funding of EUR 49,725.00 has been allocated. The total value of the project is EUR 66,300.00.

The project was launched in 2022. March 23 and will be implemented by 2023. March 23.

After implementing customer self-service solutions that meet the highest standards, the company will improve customer service in the provision of services – smoother and faster customer service, simpler order administration, which will reduce time costs, increase the number of customers and increase sales. The result achieved by the project is a smoothly functioning e-mail. self-service, which allows the remote sale of the services provided by the company.

After the implementation of the project, the company’s potential, productivity and sales volumes will increase, which will increase the company’s work productivity and profitability, which is a necessary condition for the sustainable and long-term development and expansion of the company. With the help of the project, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for business will be reduced.